Misr International University (MIU)

Misr International University (MIU)

Misr International University in Cairo (MIU) was established in accordance with the presidential decree no. 246 of the year 1996 with the purpose of developing an academic institution that would directly and honestly address the practical realities of the 21st century. Misr International University in Cairo (MIU) was established in accordance with the presidential decree no. 246 of the year 1996 with the purpose of developing an academic institution that would directly and honestly address the practical realities of the 21st century. Misr International University (MIU)

Misr International University (MIU)

Faculty of Al-Alsun

Fees:74250 LE.

Faculty of Al-Alsun seeks to prepare distinguished graduates capable of competing with their peers in equivalent national and international faculties. The Faculty has high-caliber staff members and teaching assistants as they are the main pillar of the academic process. We promote scientific research theoretically and practically to support research activities in the fields of specialization.

Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade

Fees:102500 LE.

The Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade offers educational programs that are in line with international quality standards and prepare graduates to serve the community. Significant efforts are exerted by the faculty members and the teaching assistants to support educational capacities and self-learning through skill-oriented courses. Our Faculty pays close attention to exploring and meeting the job market needs through the integration between theory and practice. The Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade is keen on supporting the academic level of students through collaboration programs with distinguished and top ranked European universities to help faculty and students maintain a competitive edge. To this end, the Faculty has developed and implemented a strategic plan that ensures the continuous fulfillment of its mission.

Faculty of Computer Science

Fees:79750 LE.

The Faculty of Computer Science is very excited to have you as the newest members of our community. The faculty is committed to high quality curricula, nurturing the talents of promising students and providing them with the cutting edge of science and technology. Our members of academic staff are well respected, both nationally and internationally, amongst the many areas of academia and industry that we interact with. We strongly believe in the principle that a university should contribute to the cultural wealth of society by developing various skills while developing the technology which will improve our overall quality of life.

Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Arts

Fees:92500 LE.

The Faculty offers degree programs in the fields of Architecture and Electronics and Communications with the primary goal of providing students with outstanding scientific and technical competence to enable them to contribute effectively to the development of their societies. You will be taught by highly qualified staff members in the areas of academia we are specialized in. The Faculty offers a motivating and supporting environment for any student who wants to experience state-of-the-art curricula in Engineering science and technology. We encourage you to excel and innovate in your studies and extracurricular activities.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Fees:110000 LE.

The Faculty aims to improve the quality of health care in our country by graduating students who can provide pharmaceutical care in rural and urban environments. Our students receive a strong background in pharmaceutical sciences and acquire the necessary clinical expertise. Complementing this, and as indicated in the curricula, the students are exposed to pharmacy practice environment, lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions focusing on contemporary issues. Our Faculty members provide a supportive environment to enable students to excel in their academic endeavors. The Faculty staff and the visiting professors from the USA and Europe integrate critical-thinking skills and professional communication techniques as applied to pharmacy practice in their teaching methods. The pharmacy students academic experience culminates in the final year with a series of visits for diverse pharmaceutical and clinical settings throughout Cairo.

Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine

Fees:150000 LE.

The Faculty provides a full array of top rated educational opportunities at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our programs provide dynamic, innovative and challenging learning strategies which help our students to acquire skills to lead the profession in a society responsible manner. We expect that you leave Misr International university, a proud and confident graduate who will bring credit to the dental profession.

Faculty of Mass Communication

Fees:102500 LE.

The Faculty offers the students an opportunity to specialize in one of its three majors, Television Journalism, Radio and Television, and Integrated Marketing Communications. The Program offers a wide range of courses that provide the students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are critical in the workplace. In addition, the Mass Communication Program involves an internship which helps the students apply their knowledge to the real world and gain experience. The Faculty also offers a graduate program leading to an MA in comparative media studies, an interdisciplinary program designed to respond to the rapid changes in local and international media. The Faculty has state-of-the-art facilities including digital studios, Internet and multimedia labs and photography labs. The students also enjoy full-service library facilities including access to many electronic resources and databases. Graduates of the Faculty have a wide range of employment and career opportunities available to them, including publishing, broadcasting, TV and radio production, public relations, marketing, and digital technologies.